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Wax Recommendation

Swissvax wax recommendation for your car

Which wax for which type of paint or for which paint colour?

In our many years in the business, we have heard time and again that the choice of the right or best wax from among the many individual SWISSVAX wax types is not always an obvious or simple one, especially for new customers.

But that's no problem - we do the job for you!

We'd be happy to put together a "wax formula" for your vehicle. Based on the information regarding vehicle type, paint colour and/or paint type, the age and use of the object of your care, we recommend the ideal wax for you to use.

Put your trust in our many years of expertise, and your paintwork will take on a brilliant shine. Just as you would expect from our products - PERFECTION!

Of course, you also have the option of getting this information through a personal consultation with our professional and passionate advisers.

Contact us by sending an email, or by telephone if you prefer - we'd be happy to talk.