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Glass, Vinyl, Acrylics

Glass, Vinyl, Acrylics Glass, Vinyl, Acrylics

Crystal clarity and chromium gleam. Complete your perfect finish! You don't have to have entered your vehicle for the next concours d'elegance to take pride in it.

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Swissvax Crystal Glass Cleaner is a premixed, ready-to-use glass cleaner that appeals to even the most sophisticated concours d'elegance enthusiasts. It effortlessly and effectively cleans with no streaking and without damaging any tint or film on

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Included in the scope of delivery: SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid VC (50 ml) SWISSVAX Plastic Screen Wax(50 ml) SWISSVAX Textile-Applicator Pad (white) SWISSVAX Micro Polish blue, microfiber polishing cloth, SWISSVAX Mini bag Flexible s


 Effectively prevents yellowing and blinding and keeps the material flexible for many years • A pre-treatment with the Swissvax Vinyl Clear kit is recommended for all screens that aren't in good condition Swissvax Vinyl Clean is a Cleaning an


Allows easy and sparing application of waxes and conditioners. Re-usable, may be machine-washed up to 40° C The Swissvax sponge applicator pad is handy and practical for the easy and sparing application of waxes and conditioners. It may be mac


Very durable and long lasting. No need to wipe cleaned surfaces dry. Drastically time-saving glass cleaning. 2 different sizes for bigger and/or smaller surfaces. Can be machine washed. Swissvax Micro-Glass has been specially created fo


Specially developed to clean windows efficiently, completely residue-free and extremely fast. Machine-washable up to 60°C. Ultrasonically cut edges and therefore risk-free for painted surfaces. Guaranteed flashing clean glass surfaces –