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The best craftsman is powerless without good tools. We don't like to leave anything to chance. Experience a range of practical and refined accessories - they will be of tremendous help to you in achieving first class results.

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Offers the compact, practical and effortless handling of a sponge combined with a towel style surface offering best cleaning performance. May be machine washed after every car wash like a towel and therefore is guaranteed free of any residues -


These super soft pique (waffle weave) drying towels, made of a premium grade microfibre material, were specially developed for us in Germany to dry automotive finishes. The so-called Micro-Dry towel allows spot-free and fast drying, even on non-meta


Made of special medical-grade silicone reducing friction 75% compared to a suede leather Drying can be completed in just a 1/3 of the time that it used to take   For a super-quick drying of freshly washed wet exterior su


Grit Guard insert provides excellent protection against wash-induced swirls. Gamma Seal - an airtight leakproof screw top lid. Dolly with 5 heavy-duty casters (with brake). The Swissvax Wash System has been developed and manu


Choose this additional seat cushion and sit on the lid of the bucket and roll around your vehicle to comfortably detail wheels and lower body panels. The waterproof seat cushion is also an ideal companion to watch sporting events, a pic-nic or as


The Swissvax Dual Wash-System makes washing your car even safer and simpler. The principle behind is a separate wash and rinse bucket. The 2 Swissvax wash-systems are connected by this heavy-duty Dolly Connector plate. Assembly just takes a couple o